Hypnotherapy: A Specialty at Centre Hypnoreflex

Hypnosis can help

  • Positive improvement of addictions (cigarette, alcohol, etc.)
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Harmonization to change
  • To relieve several forms of physical pain
  • To relieve the symptoms of allergy (non-food)

Holistic hypnosis

Holistic hypnosis is a tool that allows access to the unconscious through guided induction (trance). You will therefore be in a modified state of consciousness that greatly resembles deep relaxation.

Specific techniques are used to help give the client tools to better cope with the symptoms or manifestations of a problem.

Who Can Be Hypnotized ?

Everyone can be hypnotized – if the desire is there, of course. The trance state requires you to surrender and let yourself go.

The more you get hypnotized, the more you experience rewarding hypnotic trips.

Contact Sonia Dumas to learn more about the benefits of hypnotherapy.

During the Hypnosis Session

It is possible to integrate mourning and sorrow over people who have left us, whether through death or separation. It is also possible to transform fears and limiting beliefs.

Hypnosis also provides access to an informed awareness that help us find solutions to problems. This helps us transform something “dark” into something lighter, more pleasant and cheerful by letting go of some painful memories – without having to relive the situation.

When in a hypnotic trance, you still remain in control and aware of what is happening around you. You are the one who has the lead in this dance.

Non-specific language is used, leaving room for each person’s creativity. After each session, you will remember what has been experienced, seen and felt in every detail. Synchronized active listening is adapted to the personal needs of each client, all in an atmosphere of empathy and compassion.

Want to quit smoking ?

Hypnotherapy can help you.

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